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How long is the main quest in Starfield?

“We have done more handcrafting like content wise than any game we’ve done, we’re at over 200,000 lines of dialogue so we still do a lot of hand crafting…”

How long is the main quest in Starfield? W don’t know exactly the exact length of the main quest in Starfield, however, we have some theories based on what Todd Howard said for the last couple of months.

That amount of dialog is more than double Skyrim and well above Fallout 4.  While the main bulk of the planets are randomly generated, for that amount of dialog, questing and interaction, the main hub cities must be beaming with life, choices, and options to complete the story. Jumping ahead to the next portion of the IGN interview that’s relevant Todd gives an estimate on the length of the main story quest. “So, it (Starfield) might be 20% more than our previous ones…this one might be in the 30s maybe 40s just for the main quest.”


With 30-40 hours of main story quest you’ll get a lot more main story than previous Bethesda titles. In comparison to another game like the Outer Worlds, a Sci-fi RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, I still loved that game and enjoyed the main quest, even if it only took between 5-10 hours.  Partly the reason why is the story telling, and choices that had you wanting to play another story/campaign just to see if you changed your decision or how would that effect your playthrough?  This model is core to Bethesda games and even with a long campaign, the choices will drive players back to the character creation screen time and again. 


Bethesda also has a knack for morally grey storytelling. Their best writing comes when you need to make a choice on a faction, a quest, or something where there is no right answer.  Sometimes just like life, you need to use your gut make a split-second decision and let it play out.  Unlike real life, however, you can go back and change the decision and see how it plays out. While 30-40 hours is great, I think the massive re-playability will be just how the story plays out and will it have the typical “good guy” faction, bad guy faction or will there be some grey in there like Fallout 4 and other previous titles. 

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