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Starfield Armor

Let’s take a look at what Starfield Armor will be available in the game, and what kind of advantages and disadvantages each type has. Which pieces or sets of gear will you prefer to wear?

The first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years, Starfield is a hotly anticipated AAA single player, action role playing game which takes place across the vastness of space. This space exploration game will have many of the typical Bethesda game hallmarks – a robust main story and side quests, elaborate character creation, and an extraordinary amount of exploration. 


Starfield Armor

Armor and gear will be an important part of the gameplay in Starfield, as the player will need to be able to protect themselves from enemy NPCs, as well as potentially from some of the more aggressive creatures which inhabit the many planets in the game.

Similar to other Bethesda RPGs such as Fallout 4, Starfield may have two layers of clothing worn. The Base Layer is made up of mostly regular pieces of clothing and can even include things such as rings, glasses or hats. Then on top of that is the Armor Layer, which in Fallout 4 is made up of five pieces of body armor, plus headgear. Armors can be made of different materials, making them Light, Medium, or Heavy. Each type will offer different stats for things like durability and mobility, and the player will need to make calculated choices based on their style of gameplay.

Armor should be available through purchase from merchants, as quest rewards, drops from enemies, and built through crafting. No specific details on any of the armor for Starfield has been released, but we’ll be updating this page with relevant information as soon as we have it.


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