Starfield City Guide

The first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years, Starfield is a hotly anticipated AAA single player, action role playing game which takes place across the vastness of space. This space exploration game will have many of the typical Bethesda game hallmarks – a robust main story and side quests, elaborate character creation, and an extraordinary amount of exploration. Humans have spread out across the galaxy in a variety of cities and settlements. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant with our Starfield City Guide.  

Starfield City Guide


New Atlantis

New Atlantis one of four major hub cities in Starfield
New Atlantis one of four major Hub cities in Starfield

The largest main city in the game is New Atlantis, home of the main Constellation faction.  Todd Howard describes it as “NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”  The way it looks from the trailer and footage gives me the Mass Effect Citadel feel of a bustling city with folks traveling from all over.  I’m sure there will be many quest and other parts of the area to explore.

New Atlantis is also a home city and the capital for one of the greatest military and political powers in Starfield Systems, the United Colonies. The United Colonies is the faction which helps maintain the current status quo in space. They maintain a cosmopolitan society, and their primary rival for power is the Freestar Collective.  


Akila City

Akila City serves as the capital city of the Freestar Collective. The Freestar Collective is a loose confederation of three different star systems unified in their dedication to personal freedoms and individuality. A variety of different peoples call Akila City their home, and both the people and the place have a much more rugged, individualistic aesthetics and attitudes than you will find anywhere in the United Colonies. According to showcase footage, the city was founded in 2167 by someone called Solomon Co. There also a protective wall which encircles the entire municipality in order to keep out the dreaded Ashta – alien predators which are described as a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor.  



Starfield Neon City The pleasure city of Neon was originally built as a fishing platform and was constructed by the Xenofresh Corporation. At a certain point the company discovered that one type of fish on the planet could cause psychotropic effects, and quickly made the change from selling fresh catch to instead selling the much more profitable ‘Aurora’ drug made from said fish. Though technically illegal, the drug is wildly popular, and the Corporation appears to operate and produce the drug with impunity.  


Fourth City

We have been told that there will be four main city hubs within the game of Starfield. The fourth city has yet to be revealed, hopefully we’ll learn something about it soon!  


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