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The first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years, Starfield is a hotly anticipated AAA single player, action role playing game which takes place across the vastness of space. Originally scheduled for release in November of this year, the game has been delayed to an as yet unspecified date sometime in the first half of 2023. This space exploration game will have many of the typical Bethesda game hallmarks – a robust main story and side quests, elaborate character creation, and an extraordinary amount of exploration. Crafting will also be an integral part of the game. Let’s take a look at what we know about collecting resources and more with our Starfield Crafting Guide.  

Starfield Crafting


Collecting Resources

The first step before you can craft anything is to acquire the materials required! You’ll need a wide variety of materials in order to craft medicines, supplies, and weapons – and likely they will also help you to build or power your outposts and ships. Excess materials could be sold to generate income, to further your expeditions into deeper space.
One of the first shots of gameplay in the trailer shows the player character collecting iron off of the rock face of the moon environment using a laser extractor that the UI calls a Cutter. The shape of the iron is highlighted when the player views it and the UI on screen shows the identification of what the material is. The iron is automatically collected and added into the player inventory after a short animation where the laser does its work.
It is reasonable to assume that this is how it will work for other kinds of resource harvesting, whether the material be mineral, metal, flora or fauna. When the player detects and scans the Dust Root flora above, you can see that the UI on the left-hand side lists all the available materials which can be discovered on Krete:
  • Resources 5/8
  • Fauna 0/0
  • Flora: 0/2
Presumably, the Dust Root has not yet registered as Flora in the UI yet because the scan (seen on the right) is only at 13%. Another element of note is the notation of there being zero fauna. Just a handful of seconds later in the video the player character comes across some chitlin/insect looking creatures which crawl out of the way, followed quickly by the sight of some much larger crab-like creatures which also retreat. This despite the fact that the above UI suggested that there was no fauna on this moon. Although initially that might suggest that there would be no animals to be found on the surface, that is clearly not the case. Nor does the player UI scan pick out or highlight either of these creatures. Based on these factors, it can be deduced that these particular animals do not ‘count’ in the sense that they cannot be harvested for any usable materials.  

Resource Types

Aside from named resources revealed in some of the trailer footage (such as the Iron above), we currently don’t know all the various types of recourses the player will be able to collect. As suggested in the gameplay reveal trailer, different materials will likely be found only on certain planets or in certain environments and you’ll have to keep searching and exploring new planets with your starship in order to find exactly what you need. Keep your eyes on this site for additional information as it becomes available!  

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