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Starfield Factions Preview

In March 2022 Bethesda Softworks published a video Into the starfield – Ep2: made for Wanderers where the developers team discussed the factions, their power and the player’s influence in the upcoming Bethesda game. In the Starfield Factions guide, we’ll take a look at everything we know about the political, civil, religious and outlaw factions in Starfield. We collected all the bits and pieces of the information from published videos, gameplay, and interviews with developers to create the Starfield Factions Preview.

One of the big choices is, “Which part of the game world am I going to engage in?”

Will Shen – Into the starfield – Ep2: made for Wanderers

Known Factions:

In Starfield we have the freedom to choose from many different factions. Some factions and organizations we can join and are connected to questlines and missions, and some of them are just a part of the immersive world. This includes gear and weapon manufacturers, food, restaurants, companies and much more. Not all factions we can encounter in Starfield are “the good ones”, there are various bandits and outlaw organizations, that players can join. However, it’s not always so transparent what organization or faction is good or bad, each has its own goals, and beliefs as a result it’s completely up to the player what path and allies they will choose.

The same we can expect from the NPCs. Almost all of them are a part of one or more factions with unique backgrounds. As a result, they can help the player join or complete the faction’s mission or even refuse to talk to the player if the player faction will be from the opposite campsite.

Your character’s background and also the factions they belong to may also prevent you from joining the other, especially religious factions.


Companions are a big part of starfield gameplay, and just like NPC they will be part of factions and have their opinions and beliefs. When you’ll be exploring with your companion they can make some comment off the cuff about something that you’re checking out or something that just happened. Similarly, they may like or hate your decisions and the factions you’ll decide to join.

The most Powerful Factions

In the Starfield universe, the two most powerful political factions the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective in the year 2310 AD began a conflict known as the Colony War over the domination in the area known as “The Settled Systems” The war ended and peace was established but the starfield world remains dangerous, split and torn by many more factions and organisations, today.

New Atlantis – City

Political and Military Factions:

United Colonies

The United Colonies or UC are the largest military and political power in the Settled Systems. Based out of their capital city of New Atlantis, the United Colonies help maintain the current status quo in space. If the melting pot of New Atlantis is any indication, the United Colonies maintains a cosmopolitan society. In the year 2310 AD, the United Colonies went to war with their primary rival for power, the Freestar Collective. This conflict would become known as the Colony Wars. The war ended with an uneasy peace being established that has lasted until the present day, 2330 AD.

United Colonies City – New Atlantis


SysDef is a military organization dedicated to protecting the United Colonies. Along with Vanguard, they are engaged in conflict with the Crimson Fleet.


Vanguard is a military organization. Along with SysDef, they are committed to defending the United Colonies from the Crimson Fleet. UC Vanguard is also involved with MAST, the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate.

United Colonies Military

Freestar Collective

The Freestar Collective is one of the major powers in the Settled Systems. It is a loose confederation of three different star systems unified in their dedication to personal freedoms and individuality. The Collective maintains its capital in Akila City.

In the year 2310 AD they went to war with the United Colonies, a conflict that became known as the Colony War. In the present day, an uneasy peace has been established.

Akila City


Private Companies and Manufacturers


Chunks is an organization known to focus on the production of food for the masses. Although their food is widely consumed, it is considered to be of low quality by culinary experts. Known recipe: The Chunks Baked Potato. The Chanks company is mentioned in one of the available player backgrounds also we can find their logo on some of the early gameplay pictures.


Cydonia Security


Lunar Robotics

Nexum Local

Nova Galactic

Nova Galactic is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of modules for starships.

Nova Galactic Logo

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries represents corporate life.

Xenofresh Corporation

The Xenofresh Corporation are the owners and creators of the city Neon and the drug Aurora. They originally built what would become Neon as a fishing platform, but after the discovery of a fish with psychotropic properties repurposed it into a city that caters to recreational drug tourism. Aurora is illegal throughout the rest of the Settled Systems except for Neon, giving the city a true monopoly on Aurora usage.


Xiang is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of modules for starships. The only known module that they produce is a reactor.

Xiang Logo


Deimos is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of modules for starships. The only known module that they produce is a cockpit.

Deimos Logo

Taiyo Astroneering

Taiyo Astroneering is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of modules for starships. The only known modules that they produce are landers.

Taiyo Astroneering Logo

Stroud Eklund

Stroud Eklund is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of modules for starships. The only known modules that they produce are landers.

Stroud Eklund Logo

Horizon Defense

Horizon Defense is an organization active in the Settled Systems. They are a known manufacturer of weapon modules for starships.

Horizon Defense Logo

Religious Factions

Enemy Factions

Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet is a loose confederation of individual pirate captains under the same Jolly Roger banner within the Settled Systems. They have footholds in the Kryx, Sagan, Cheyenne, Lunara, and Narlon systems. Originally the Crimson Fleet was a Freestar Collective problem but became a United Colonies problem as well when they expanded into their sections of the Settled Systems. The United Colonies because of this expansion committed the SysDef and the UC Vanguard to exterminating the Crimson Fleet in United Colonies territory.



Constellation is the “last group of space explorers”, on a mission to map the Milky Way. This faction in Starfield is all about space travel, exploration, and searching for answers. This is one of the biggest parts of the Starfield storyline. As we arrive at the City Atlantis for the first time we’ll meet members of this respected Factions. They will have for the player some quests and answers. As a member of this faction, the player makes a discovery that is the “key to unlocking everything”. 

An alley market in a Freestar Collective settlement


Replayability & Future

Those game mechanics and immersive world provide the challenge and the game replayability. “What would happen if I’d join the other side of the war?” For me, the most exciting are the choices, I’ll be able to create unique and engaging stories for my character and make the Starfield universe my own.

The Starfield Factions Gude will be updated as we know more about the upcoming Bethesda game. Also, check out for all the detailed information about Starfield and its amazing world.

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