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New Atlantis

New Atlantis one of four major hub cities in Starfield
New Atlantis one of four major Hub cities in Starfield

Speaking on the main stories, we may as well touch on the four main cities which will be in the game. The biggest main city is New Atlantis, home of the main Constellation faction.  Todd Howard describes it as “NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”  The way it looks from the trailer and footage gives me the Mass Effect Citadel feel of a bustling city with folks traveling from all over.  I’m sure there will be many quest and other parts of the area to explore.

New Atlantis is also a home city and the capital for one of the greatest military and political powers in Starfield Systems, the United Colonies.

The United Colonies or UC is the faction that helps maintain the current status quo in space. They maintain a cosmopolitan society, and their primary rival for power is the Freestar Collective.

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