Starfield Quests and Cities

Welcome to news about Starfield Quests and Cities! The wide open spaces of planets aren’t the only areas there are to explore, either. According to Todd Howard, there are four main cities in the game, with the capital of New Atlantis taking center stage in the gameplay reveal. Not just the biggest city in the game, but the biggest city Bethesda has ever built, New Atlantis serves as the headquarters for the Constellation faction as well as a base for spaceship construction.

Starfield Capital New Atlantis
Starfield Capital New Atlantis

Just like in the wild unknown, what is most interesting in the cities could be off the beaten path. There are sure to be dozens of side quests that will immerse your character into the essence of the city – whether that’s by conducting a mission for one of the factions, assisting the ruling class in exchange for favors or preferential political considerations, or seeking out medicinal resources at the request of the local hospital. In the lower quarters, or down dark allies could be a whole other side to the city, as well. Bounty or assassin missions could provide you with powerful black market weapon mods, or secretly completing tasks for crime bosses could boost not just your finances, but also your political influence as well.

And cities are not just made up of buildings, landmarks, and people, but they are also filled to the brim with things. Bethesda is well known for past games where picking up all the items not literally nailed down is 100% allowed, and even encouraged. Or dare I say, a challenge. Whether you are experimenting with putting buckets on shopkeeper’s heads or getting stuck in an agonizingly slow walk because you picked up one too many pieces of cheese, there is profit, folly, and fun to be had when it comes to acquiring all the in-game items your character can possibly carry. Kleptomania all around!

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